A man that was arrested for throwing water balloons at the Trump rally had his day in court and may not have learned his lesson.

According to WZZM, during the Trump rally a man admitted in court today that he threw water balloons at Trump supporters and after pleading guilty to the charge said, he might do it again.

There were no injuries reported outside Van Andel Arena on March 28 when Trump spoke to his supporters inside.

20-year-old Truax posted a video on his YouTube page that said as a header: Getting arrested at the Trump Rally.

Truax is not a Trump fan and you could tell by his potty mouth in the video that was posted.

Truax, after pleading guilty was charged with a misdemeanor charge. He could get up to 90 days in jail and be fined $500.

The lesson is here...kids, don't try this or it will cost you too. Truax will get his sentence next month.


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