This is why I don't do magic. Okay, I'm also clumsy AF, and too lazy to learn the tricks, but this video is the main reason. Really. I would totally impale someone like this guy does during his failed trick. Only I wouldn't have a lame-ass ponytail.

This guy totally sucks at his job.

This Polish magician was trying to perform a trick that a lot of other magicians have done, where there's a hidden spike in a bag, that is never found accidentally. The magician is really supposed to know where the spike is, and make sure no one shoves a hidden spike into their hand.

Not only does he forget where the spike is, he slams her hand down on it with great force, and then laughs! Well, until he notices the piece of metal sticking out of her hand.

At least he applies pressure and gets her out of the shot...hopefully to rush to a hospital, and not to bury the body somewhere it'll never be found.