10 Things To Do this Weekend: October 25-27, 2019
The Grand Rapids Griffins play in Grand Rapids this weekend. We also have magic, comedy, music, and Frozen Jr.. There’s the smashing of a 600 pound pumpkin, Corgis in the Park and National Drug Take Back Day. There is also an Ethnic Heritage Festival. Plenty for all this weekend.
David Blaine is Bringing Magic to Grand Rapids!
For years you've seen him on TV but now you'll be able to experience the magic in person! Famous magician and illusionist, David Blaine, is going on his first North American tour and is stopping in Grand Rapids.
FOX 17 says Blaine will be at 20 Monroe Live on Tuesday, June 20th and tic…
Magician Impales TV Host During Trick [Video]
This is why I don't do magic. Okay, I'm also clumsy AF, and too lazy to learn the tricks, but this video is the main reason. Really. I would totally impale someone like this guy does during his failed trick. Only I wouldn't have a lame-ass ponytail.
This guy totally sucks at his job.
Congressional Resolution to Celebrate Magic Neglects Michigan
Who says Congress can't get important laws passed? There is a bill up for consideration in the House of Representatives to recognize the importance of magic in American culture. The problem? It completely neglects Michigan's very important role in the history and prominence of magic.
How Close Are We to Self-Driving Cars Being Available?
Last night, after a long night drinking with some people from work, I was driving home, wishing I had one of those self-driving cars from all the sci-fi movies. Wouldn't it be nice to sit back, read, watch TV, or sleep, while the car takes you home...all by itself?
Then today, I find this amazing art…

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