In an Instagram post, Madonna was angry about a Hollywood script that had her lying about her birth place. And then someone posted video of what she was mad about.

When we're young, we get embarassed about our home towns very easily. I mean no one who's trying to come off as hip and cool wants to admit 'I'm from Bay City'. Detroit is close by and a much hipper choice.

But don't get mad when you're caught in that lie.

Case in point, a script going around Hollywood about Michigan born pop icon Madonna is making her mad. The script, called 'Blonde Amibition' chronicles the Material Girl's rise from a background dancer to her first album as a pop singer back in 1984.

In the script, Madonna appears on the iconic 'American Bandstand' TV show and tells the host Dick Clark she was born in Detroit.

According to Vanity Fair, the singer posted on Instagram that the movie script was 'based on lies'. She then added, 'I was born in Bay City, not Detroit, and I did not drop out of high school. In fact, I went to the University of Michigan.'

Fair enough.

But below is video of her actual appearance on 'Bandstand', and not only does she tell Clark she's from Detroit, she tells him she dropped out of high school without Clark ever inquiring about her schooling.

Why did she lie? I have no idea, but she has since deleted the Instagram posts.

She replaced it with this dig, which doesn't clear up why she would lie in the first place.

Madonna's dad moved the family to the Detroit area following her Mom's death, but she would often return to stay summers at her Grandparents house on Smith Street in Bay City.

Why she would lie about being a drop out, I can only imagine it was to make her seem like a loner, a rebel.


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