I think it’s common knowledge that if it's April 1st, more commonly known as April Fool's Day, a smart thing to do would be to stay off of social media because most likely you’re going to see fake headlines, fake pictures, and people posting Facebook statuses that are not true. Yet every single year we see more and more people fall for new jokes.

Recently Mackinac Island residents were the ones to get the best out of everyone with an April Fools’ Day joke that they played, saying that an anchor for the island broke away from a steel cable connected to the lake bedrock, which holds the island in place, causing the island to move 6 feet. This joke ended up reaching millions on a Mackinac island group. The reaction the original poster gave after the fact shows that not all April Fools’ Day jokes are so bad after all:
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The detail in the map and anchor graphics darn near had me believing it! As for the cable, that picture was taken by Larry Rickley for me last week. It really is sticking out of the ground near the lake but it's actual purpose is a mooring for freighters and barges that come in to drop gravel and stone at the British Landing Dock. I actually thought up the yarn as I rode past it this summer and thought "what could be the most preposterous reason for that cable...?"
Don't worry, we have nearly a year before we have to worry about looking like a moron falling for AFD jokes on the internet again.

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