It's been a few years since Ice Road Truckers showcased the steering wheel-clenching drives through the Candian and Alaskan winter wilderness. This video of a Mackinac Bridge crossing, recording during the Polar Vortex storm from January 2019 will give you the same on-the-edge-of-your-seat feeling you likely got watching Ice Road Truckers.

The Mackinac Bridge does close at times when there is high wind. But in this case the bridge was clearly open despite the whipping wind and snow. The flashing lights you see ahead of the semi is an escort vehicle. The Mackinac Bridge Authority provides escort cars for high profile vehicles, like semi trucks, that cross the bridge in adverse conditions.

Caution: there is some NSFW language at one point during this video

Some of the comments that accompany the video, even from likely hearty Yoopers testify to how harrowing this crossing can be with the winds whipping you several hundred feet above an icy and turbulent Straits of Mackinac.


No way!! Whatever peninsula I was on, I'd be staying on for awhile!!

holy schneikes! Glad you made it across safely. I think I would have stayed in St. Ignace

Whoa. I wouldn’t drive on that tonight

Besides not being able to see very far in front of you it also looked icy. I wouldn’t be crossing that bridge in that weather!

But that's the commitment of America's truckers, keeping those 18 wheels rolling to get the job done.

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