Pantera's "Mouth of War" is the latest in a series of all-star collaborations for Two Minutes to Late Night, this time pulling in a killer lineup of Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale, Baroness guitarist Gina Gleason, Code Orange guitarist Reba Meyers and Year of the Knife bassist Madi Watkins.

The cover is bolstered by Two Minutes to Late Night regulars Jordan Olds (aka Gwarsenio Hall) and Converge and Mutoid Man drummer Ben Koller.

Gleason took the lead with the song choice, as revealed in the video's description: "Gina wanted to cover Pantera so we covered the crap out of Pantera!" And "covered the crap out of it" they did, with both Meyers and Gleason laying down some blistering playing during the performance. Meanwhile Hale's power vocals fit perfectly on the song, occasionally accentuated by Olds' vocal assistance.

As with previous covers in the series, the artists involved agreed upon a charity to donate their proceeds with the Dallas Hope Charities Transitional Living Center being aided by this cover.

To see more of the Two Minutes to Late Night Bedroom Covers series, check out their YouTube site here.

Two Minutes to Late Night, "Mouth for War" (Pantera Cover)

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