The Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Festival was in full force for its sixth year!

Grand Rapids Asian Pacific Foundation's purpose "is to ensure our thriving community who choose to live in the Grand Rapids and surrounding area experience financial stability and access to opportunities to achieve their full potential."

With over 40 diverse food and merchants, there is no way to have a boring day while at the festival!

Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation via Facebook
Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation via Facebook
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Desi's Tropical Sno Shack

Desi's Tropical Sno Shack via Facebook
Desi's Tropical Sno Shack via Facebook

My friends and I's first stop of the day was to get a snow cone from Desi's Tropical Sno Shack. As a shaved ice enthusiast (self-proclaimed at best), this took my love to a higher level. Besides the delicious flavors, Desi's warm personality was the best part. She makes every customer feel appreciated. I highly recommend this business. Follow them on Facebook to know where its next stop will be.


Korean Corn Dog

It was a must to stand in line for a Korean corn dog. After seeing these all over TikTok, it was a now-or-never moment for me. Despite waiting in a long line, the corn dogs were worth the wait. The mozzarella cheese inside was so gooey and delicious. Now I understand the need and love for Korean corn dogs.

Pho 616

Back in Washington, D.C., a tradition that my mother and I have is going to get pho every winter. It is better than regular chicken noodle soup, in my opinion! Please do not hurt me! Moving to GR, I thought I would have a hard time finding a new favorite spot. However, Pho 616 has taken the trophy! The broth is so rich and flavorful. I almost teared up because it is so good!

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