UPDATE: Fox 17 reports that the suspect has been identified after reaching out to police. The suspect's name has not been released.

In an updated post to Facebook, the department thanks the public, saying,

In a little over 4 hours our retail fraud suspect has been identified and has reached out to the Lowell PD. The post was viewed by over 12,300 people and shared 114 times.

The power of social media is amazing and a great tool for law enforcement officers, it helps to have great people on the other end to get the word out.

We offer a little bit of humor in the posts, especially when people are caught in the act, to boost the profile of the post."

Lowell Police are asking the public for help identifying a woman they say stole cosmetics and other products from a local store.

According to Fox 17, the department shared surveillance photos to Facebook on Wednesday morning, saying the woman in burgundy is wanted for questioning.

"There is a side profile shot to show her and there is a decent face shot as well.  If you notice her hair she appears to NOT be a natural blonde. She may have stolen some hair dye to fix her dark roots."

They encourage anyone with information to send them a message or call 616-897-7123.

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