One of Michigan's favorite treats is the delicious ice cream from Hudsonville Ice Cream and now they have expanded their product line to making ice cream bars.

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Hudsonville Ice Cream a Michigan Treasure

Since 1926, Michiganders have been enjoying Hudsonville Ice Cream, and for good reason, it's great ice cream.

Hudsonville Ice Cream offers 26 core flavors that are made from the same recipe they have used since 1926.

Hudsonville Ice Cream even offers limited edition flavors from time to time like "Caramel Popcorn Movie Mix" and "Chocolate Raspberry Indulgence." I sure hope someday they add a version of "Michigan Pot Hole."

If you are like me and you like extra toppings and flavor, Hudsonville Ice Cream also offers an "Extra Indulgent" line of ice creams that have extra cream, butter, and ingredients and have 7 flavors to choose from.

Hudsonville Ice Cream Now Make Ice Cream Bars

Just in time for summer, Hudsonville Ice Cream has launched three flavors of ice cream bars. Hudsonville is using its legendary recipes to give ice cream lovers a new way to enjoy its ice cream. One of those flavors is "Strawberry Shortcake" which features strawberry ice cream with bits of cake that is dipped in a white chocolate coating.

Sure to be a fan favorite the new "Salted Caramel" ice cream bar. Salted caramel-flavored ice cream with a salted caramel swirl that is dipped in milk chocolate.  I will probably pick up a box of these on the way home tonight.

The third and final ice cream bar flavor from Hudsonville Ice Cream is the classic vanilla ice cream that is dipped in milk chocolate. You can find the ice cream bars and many of Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors here.

I have no doubt that all three flavors will become instant classics and hopefully new flavors to choose from in the future.

Look out ice cream trucks, Hudsonville Ice Cream is coming for you.

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