A local promoter has scored a hit by bringing some bright young talent to the forefront to local parks this summer. Their next show is Thursday.

Jon Batch, a local standup comic, wanted to highlight what has been a burgeoning local comedy scene, so he switched hats and became a promoter, and has put together a successful string of shows around the area this summer.

Batch scheduled the shows back in the spring, when he was unsure where the coronavirus was headed and how it would impact local venues.

"What we wanted to find was a way to take those who are talented...and showcase what they can do and be paid well for it at the same time," Batch told me when asked how he came up with the idea.

He formed a production company, Demented Peach, and put together a series of outdoor shows.

The Summer Comedy Series has featured shows in Portage, at Townsend Park in Rockford, and Johnson Park in Wyoming earlier this year, all of which sold out.

The demand confirmed Batch's gut feeling, "It tells us there's a hunger for entertainment. We've all been cooped up for a year and a half and we're ready to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and enjoy comedy again."

Batch also says the comedy scene here in Michigan is solid, "There's a demand for local talent, you don't have to spend $50 to see Jim Gaffigan, you can spend $20 with us, and bring your own drinks and it's a good, fun time, a good party atmosphere, and you'll see some great comedians as well."

Thursday's  "End of Summer Celebration" will be headlined by Grand Rapids' own Mike Logan, who will be featuring a brand new half hour of material. Also appearing will be Holland's Hunter Miles, local favorite Michael 'Iron Mike' Bussler and Angelika Lee from GR. The show will be hosted by Carl Sobel and David Steves.

The event starts at 7:00pm Thursday evening at the Grant Pavilion in Millennium Park, tickets do have to be purchased ahead of time at dementedpeach.com/tickets.

Courtesy Demented Peach
Courtesy Demented Peach


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