If you or someone you know is looking for a job, the State of Michigan is hiring.

According to a Facebook post from Michigan.gov, they're looking to fill critical job openings across Michigan.They say the state offers "challenging work, competitive salaries, great benefits, career advancement and more."

At this time, the State of Michigan has more than 250 job openings.

So what are the positions, where are they located, and what do they pay?

Selection of open positions below with brief description of requirements. Click on the job title for more information about the position.

MDOT Transportation Maintenance Worker (6-E8).$17.40 - $24.46 Hourly, Allegan Barry, Osceola Counties, Requirements: Completion of high school, Satisfactory completion of the Department of Transportation Maintenance Work Element Training and Certification program required for the specific level. Experience needed varies per level: 6 requires no experience. E8 requires two years of experience .

Park & Recreation Ranger 6-E8 $17.40 - $24.46 Hourly, Multiple Locations, Requirements: Experience needed varies per level: 6 requires no experience. E8 requires two years of experience.

Services Specialist 9/10, P11 (Case Manager/ Investigator, $1,616.00 - $2,496.00 Biweekly, Barry County Requirements: A bachelor's or master's degree with a major a human services areas such as social work, sociology, or psychology.

Cook 7 $18.5233-$22.39 Hourly, Coldwater, Requirements: Two years of experience in quantity cooking and food preparation, including one year equivalent to a Cook E6.

You can find the full list of job openings with the State of Michigan here.

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