The other day I was being unproductive and whiling away the time on TikTok. Across my For Your Page rolled a video that said "This is what I mean when I say I live in Michigan." It turns out the inspiring video was created by a young TikTok star who lives in Grand Rapids. 

thewanderingmichigander is produced by Taylor Dustin. She works as a social media marketer for a large Grand Rapids company. I asked about her inspiration to create TikTok's about Michigan. Taylor told me that she wanted to learn more about TikTok trends and how to go viral. Taylor stated,

"I started making TikTok's during quarantine because it was all the rage and I needed to know more for my job."

Here is the video that caught my eye...

Taylor says that she loves showing people all that Michigan has to offer. She stated that most people she meets online and in person who aren't from Michigan (and some that are) have the perception that Michigan is Detroit, cars and city landscape. With her videos on TikTok, photography on Instagram and a newly formed web-site, she is informing people of Michigan's lakes, forests, sand dunes and outdoor fun.

She highlights her own active lifestyle with cliff jumping, kayaking, boating and hiking. She likes to showcase Michigan's hidden treasures.

When asked which is her favorite Michigan city, she replied, "Marquette."  She came to the declaration after describing a week long road trip up the West coast and around the U-P. She showcased some pictures of her trip on her social accounts. Taylor said her dream job would be

"to create content for a major travel company highlighting Michigan".

She hopes to one day be synonyms with a her own travel brand. With over 30,000 followers on TikTok, and a growing number on Instagram, she's well on her way! Keep the videos of Michigan coming!

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