You may have seen this band locally around Grand Rapids, or even more likely at Grand Rapids' Festival of the Arts last year.

Local neo-classical female fronted band Aria Flame will be making a trek across the world to the Netherlands to perform in the annual FemME Female Metal Event this October!

It's not every day that a local band from Grand Rapids heads across the seas to play a show in a different country!

FemME: Female Metal event features a very unique lineup of female fronted metal bands from all around the world. Headlining the show is the familiar name of Lacuna Coil. Most of the bands that are on the bill, you most likely have never heard of unless you are a hardcore metalhead. Bands like Therion, Tristania, The Gentle Storm, Whyzdom, Visions of Atlantis and, of course, Aria Flame.

If you'd like to see more about Aria Flame, check out their website and Facebook. You can also check out when they'll be in the area next on their website.


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