For a limited time, Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia will be featured as an obtainable character in an event within Iron Maiden's popular Legacy of the Beast mobile game.

The partnership with Lacuna Coil is just the second in-game band collaboration in the turn-based game where users power up certain characters, each with their own class types and specialties, and take a select number into battle in an attempt to best the foe in a wide variety of combat-related worlds and events.

Previously, Amon Amarth were the stars of the in-game collaborative experience with the viking seen on their Berserker album cover featured as part of the 'Viking Invasion' dungeon.

Scabbia's character, dubbed 'The Shadow Sorceress,' can be unlocked by playing the 'Search for the Black Anima' dungeon, which opens on June 7 at 5PM PT and is available for just one week. Gamers will have an opportunity to earn the character through July 5 through other opportunities, however.

A trailer, where fans can view more renders of this 'Shadow Sorceress' in addition to watching Scabbia explain her longstanding Iron Maiden fandom, can be seen below. She also makes her picks for her three favorite Maiden records — PowerslavePiece of Mind and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son — and reacts to seeing herself as a playable character in the game.

Looking back at first discovering the legendary metal group, Scabbia said, "My first experience with Iron Maiden was about 30 years ago, I picked up Piece of Mind because I was really impressed by the cover. They sounded like nothing I had heard before then and it was instant love!"

"I’ve always been attracted to video games," she continued. "They’re awesome as they project you into a different dimension and allow you to live a different life, even if for a short moment. I prefer games with a storyline because I like to be embraced by it, get familiar with the characters I am playing with and get involved at the maximum level."

Longtime Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood added, "Legacy of the Beast was built on a foundation of Iron Maiden songs, art and history, but has also always been about introducing and developing creative ideas that extended beyond Maiden and, just as we’ve always invited bands out to tour with us, we are delighted to invite some friends to become part of our game and to provide another dimension to the fun, dexterity and excitement of it."

"A Lacuna Coil inspired character will be featured in the Iron Maiden video game Legacy of The Beast... whaaat? Yeah, I’m that excited about this collaboration! Come on, Maiden man! I remember me and Maki blasting PowerslaveSeventh Son and all the other classics as young skateboarding kids getting into playing music. Heavy metal, monsters and video games, that’s half my lifestyle right there," exclaimed Lacuna Coil co-vocalist Andrea Ferro. "Horns up!"

Download the Legacy of the Beast game through Apple's App Store or in the Google Play store here.

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