A couple of the bands that had originally been scheduled to play Rock on the Range 2014 had to pull out of the festival.  Sadly, Motorhead was one of them.  Lemmy's had a lot of health issues this last year or so, and they're taking things a little slow so he can get better.  I was really sad, since I love Motorhead.

But the band that replaced Motorhead on the Ernie Ball Stage at ROTR was another great band, Living Colour, and I've never had the chance to see them!  Yet another great band I got the chance to see!

They kicked off the set with one of my favorite songs from the Vivid album, "Middle Man", and Vernon Reid had forgotten to turn his amp on before starting the song.  Luckily, they're really a live band, so he turned it on, kicked off the riff, and off they went!

This is the second song of the set, also from Vivid, "Desperate People".  Enjoy!  Check out some studio teases from LC's recording of their next album!