I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve been having spring fever like crazy! It’s a little deceiving too when the sun is out but it’s still 40, but… It’s 40!

We’re not the only ones feeling the itch to move around. The animals over at John Ball Zoo are starting to stir as well.

The zoo sent out a press release on Friday announcing they’ll be opening for the 2018 season next Saturday, March 10th.

IF you’re worried that it may be too chilly to enjoy the zoo, officials say that’s not a problem, the grizzlies, bald eagles, otters and snow leopards are out enjoying the weather and indoors you can enjoy the penguins and exotic reptiles as well as the small monkeys and the chimps that play in their day room.

Zoo officials say that when the weather is above 40, they also open the doors for the lions and other animals to wander about if they so desire.

Need another kick in the reason to get the family to the zoo next weekend?  Winter prices are in effect, so adults are only $8 and kids are $7.

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