Do you like to camp, wouldn't mind free rent for the summer, and getting paid while you live your hobby? It's a thing.

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Do You Love Camping?

Old truck with a camper attached.

Camping has been a mainstay for Michiganders for centuries. Michigan offers a lot to folks who enjoy the outdoors with such a good balance of all four seasons it makes for some spectacular camping all year long.

Looking for a Part Time Job That is Rent Free?

How would you like to live rent-free on a lake and get paid at the same time just for camping? Seems like a pipe dream but it is a real opportunity and it's in West Michigan.

Where Is This Rent-Free Camping Job Located?

Blue Lake Park is located in Muskegon County and they are looking for a caretaker for a five-month job that starts in May and ends at the end of September. Blue Lake features 600 feet of water frontage along the southeast shore that sits on a 25-acre park. Great for fishing, boating, and camping.

What Do You Have to Do as Caretaker of Blue Lake Park?

Golf course maintenance equipment, fairway mower

There are only 25 campsites in the park so the caretaker would be checking in campers, mowing the lawn, and keeping the campsite restrooms clean.

What Does Campground Caretaker Job Pay?


According to MLive, the caretaker job at Blue Lake Campground pays $1,000 a month for five months total. The caretaker can stay in a trailer free of charge or you can bring your own camper if you prefer. This would be a great job for someone young who is looking for an easy summer job and who wants to live free or if you are a retired person who is looking to stay active and cut costs for the summer this may be a great opportunity for the right person. The job will soon be posted here.

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