Lethal Weapon is officially without a Riggs. Reports confirm actor Clayne Crawford has been let go after a string of on-set conflicts, and the show is desperate to recast for a potential Season 3 renewal.

Per TVLine, Warner Bros. TV apparently made the decision to part ways with Crawford, despite the actor’s public apologies and reprimands for prior behavior. The studio is also seeking to recast the role of Martin Riggs for a third season, despite earlier plans suggesting the character might be replaced by a female lead. According to The Hollywood Reporter, several actors have already passed on the role as Warner Bros. scrambles to present Season 3 to Madison Avenue ad buyers at FOX’s Monday upfronts.

Fortunately, Crawford appears to be taking it in stride:

It was late last month reports emerged that Crawford “[had] been disciplined several times over complaints of emotional abuse and creating a hostile environment,” to the point actors and crew refused to work with him again. The actor subsequently tried to explain two instances of conflict with assistant directors that resulted in mandated therapy, pay restitution to the crew and revision of unsafe working conditions. A Deadline report claimed co-star Damon Wayans was hit by a piece of shrapnel under Crawford’s direction, and the pair subsequently stopped speaking.

It’s unclear why Lethal Weapon opted to recast Martin Riggs rather than expand the search to a new character, but we should hear details of Lethal Weapon’s fate before long. In the meantime, the Season 2 finale airs tonight.

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