With so much anticipation surrounding the forthcoming HBO premiere of the Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, the vaults continue to yield some interesting clips of the late Nirvana icon.

In a recently discovered segment from 1993 (above), Cobain is in a playful mood while being interviewed. He then takes a taser out of a box and playfully pretends to attack the interviewer. Talk then turns to another toy of his, the Dream Machine, or, Dreamer.

The interviewer asks him what he dreamed of when he tried the Dreamer. "Oh, I dreamed about German shepherds and having sex with my stepfather," Cobain sarcastically replied, showing off his quick wit. "Eating flowers, smoking potpourri. I like to smoke potpourri."

Once the kidding around ceased, Cobain went on to explain the Dream Machine. "There are like six different functions or programs," he explained. "They basically just help with stress, insomnia, relaxation, creativity, concentration and meditation."

The Dreamer works by detecting rapid eye movement while sleeping. Worn like large sunglasses, it then flashes a series of lights through your closed eyelids; creating a stimulus that gets incorporated into your dream.

"I've only just tested it for one hour today and I was pleased with the results," he said, "it really made me feel good. It really made me feel relaxed."

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