Note to self: If you want tickets to a Kid Rock show, go to a reputable ticket agent, not a guy on Facebook who has the same name as Kid Rock.

Dan Sommerville decided he might get some perks if he reached out to Kid Rock personally on social media and asked him for some tickets. He stumbled across a Facebook page for a 'Bob Richie', which is Kid Rock's real name.

It turns out the page wasn't Rock's, and the fake Bob Richie told Sommerville he could hook him up with some VIP seats for 600 bucks. Sommerville took the bait and wired the money to a WalMart store in rural North Carolina.

It's at this point you have to ask 'What were you thinking?!'

After not receiving the tickets, Sommerville reached out to Action 7 News in Detroit to help him out.

Dan tells Action 7: “Thats a rotten thing to do to people, you know people work hard for their money. And he said it would be costly. He said it would be 300 per ticket, so I wanted two - one for my wife and one for I. I had to send my ID and my wife’s ID. I sent them a picture of our driver’s license. If Kid Rock does see this, I would ask him to contact me to see if he can get me into one of his shows,.''

Kid Rock didn't bail Dan out, but an Action 7 viewer did, giving the Wayne man two tickets.

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