Well,  I thought the news I received from my wife that my son had set a full cooler of drinks on my Nike golf driver was devastating enough that was, until I found out my supply of Badass Beer was gonna dry up soon.  I actually bawled like  a baby when I received the following message from Kid Rock's Badass Beer Facebook page;

Beer Update:
Regrettably the Michigan Brewing Co., brewer of several beers including Kid Rock's Badass Beer, was recently evicted from its Webberville, Michigan brewing facility. Despite trying to help stave off their eviction, and waiting as long as possible to find a solution that could work for all, Badass Beer will be moving its relationship to a new Michigan based contract brewer. An announcement will be made shortly as to the details of the arrangement. We are hoping to start production of Badass again before the end of the year, and are exceptionally grateful for the support of our distributors, retailers and consumers during this transition.

I don't care who you are... kicking good beer to the curb is just plain mean.   Kid Rock needs to go all bad ass on that landlord.  If he don't,  I will - cause upon getting the horrible news I immediately ran out to the fridge in my garage only to horrifically discover two bottles from a six pack and one 32 oz bottle is all that remained of my stock.  Damn me for taking everything for granted!

I first became hooked on Kids Badass Beer when I was invited to attend a Halloween party at his home...um, somewhere in Michigan.  The party was presented under the pretense of a "Thank You" to all of us in radio but now ....I'm not so sure that was the REAL intent. You see,  Kid served up his delectable liquid treat quite generously that night.  I   recall drinking one Badass after another...soon, I realized I couldn't get enough.  It wasn't until I was in the Taxi on the way back to my hotel that I realized ...I was hooked. The next day I had to seek out it's tasty goodness at stores all over West Michigan.  I've been buying it ever since.

Well played Kid Rock ....well played

I thought I did have a solution to the building problem but then thought better of it.  You see the building WGRD is in has several unoccupied suites available for rent but the thought of a brewery right next door to a radio station is far too dangerous.  Guess Kid Rock will have to find another home for his tremendously savory brand of adult beverages.  Hope Badass Beer finds a home soon because just thinking of my with drawl symptoms is giving me shivers.

Still I have to wonder how does an eviction of a brewery look?  I picture Kid Rock standing outside the building with a knapsack  on a stick resting on one shoulder, shaking his fist at an unseen landlord while surrounded by dozens of semi-sized steel vats of deliciously cold  Badass brew stacked outside by the curb and now dangerously warming in the hot sun.  The humanity!

Help a brother out here would ya? I want to send Kid Rock some ideas on where he can brew his Badass Brew and soon.  Send your thoughts to me and I'll pass them along after all I did hang out at his house one night dressed as a Roman Soldier...not creepy at all right?