First up is a product that makes men smell like meat.  On the market now is a new bacon-scented shaving cream.  I mean I like bacon as much as the next guy but spreading it all over my face and heading to work...huh?

Hillbilly Porn is on the rise: I don't even know what a "Honey Boo Boo" is but apparently it is responsible for a rise in reality shows astute in southern stereotypes.  Shows like Swamp People, Duck Dynasty and more have evidently triggered as interest in Hillbilly Porn.  According to a recent TMZ article watching the toothless, brainless, and those who avoid hygiene, bump uglies is hot and the industry has seen a 250% increase in Southern, white-trashy porn titles since 2010 ... when the redneck reality shows began to take off.  HUH?

Dude, where's my dildo? A South Carolina woman was arrested after assaulting her roommate over a misplaced sex toy.  According to police an ironing board was hurled at the woman's roommate after she grew exhausted attempting to find her recently purchased detachable latex penis. I've heard of being sexually frustrated but huh?