As  a true lover of Pale Ale and IPA Beer I had the distinct honor and privilege of welcoming Oskar Blues Brewery to town recently.  The award winning line of quality canned excellence will be distributed locally here in GR by our friends at  Westside Beer.  This was my first experience with craft beer that was canned and I was elated to find out that I now had a method of making great tasting craft beer mobile without all the clunkiness and the threat of broken containers from bottles!!!

Biggest problem I had was choosing which was my fav...damn this is some great tasting beer!  I guess if I was stuck on a deserted island and given only ONE as a choice I'd pick the GUBNA Imperial IPA.  This beer has a huge citrus aroma blast, delicate floral resins sweetness from the malt and ends slightly dry on the finish. It is excellently balanced for such a big hoppy!

The whole Oskar Blues Brewery line is simply delicious, I recommend trying em all! The taste is great, it's portable, this is truly a good day in beer history for the liquid lunch my friend!