If you're in a local band and looking to get a free streaming opportunity, the Kent District Library will be launching a new platform soon.

The more people a local band can get their music in front of the better opportunity that band has to gain a bigger following and hopefully that will lead to more success in their current market and elsewhere.

Not every band has the opportunity, the necessary equipment or can afford a streaming platform of their own but soon musicians in West Michigan will have an opportunity thanks to the Kent District Library.

According to FOX 17, the Kent District Library is accepting submissions to KDL Vibes which is their new streaming platform that will feature local music from musicians all across West Michigan.

This is a great idea and a great platform for local music to be heard and not just for the musicians who provide the music but people who live across West Michigan who seek out local talent. This could be an opportunity for club owners as well to screen some local talent before they book them.

KDL Vibes will feature an online stash of current local music and stream it out to whoever wants to hear it for free.

The beauty of this new platform is, if your music or band gets selected, KDL Vibes will stream your whole album and not just one or two songs.

So if you're a musician or in a band and want your stuff heard on this new streaming platform, all you have to do is submit a sample track from your album right here.

Now just because you submit a song, doesn't mean your album will automatically be selected. KDL Vibes has put together a panel of members of West Michigan's local music scene plus library staff that have backgrounds in music. The panel will review the submissions then pick 40 to 50 to have their albums steamed on the platform. After so many submissions, the panel will meet again and pick another 40 to 50 albums.

Your best bet is to enter your submission quickly in order to try and make the cut because KDL Vibes will launch before the end of this year.

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