Although most mask mandates and gathering limits have been lifted in Michigan, the Kent County Health Department is reminding folks that they may still need their masks, sometimes.

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In a social media posting, the Kent County Health Department is reminding everyone that tossing that mask is probably not a good idea. There are still situations where wearing a mask is still recommended.

For everyone, including those that are fully vaccinated (two weeks after the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer or one week after the Johnson & Johnson dose) you should be wearing a mask in these situations:

    • Inside classrooms, daycares, and other childcare settings.
    • When participating in indoor contact sports.
    • In residential care facilities like nursing homes and retirement homes.
    • In healthcare facilities like hospitals and primary care offices.
    • On public transit like busses, trains, & planes and their corresponding transit centers.
    • In indoor congregate settings*.
    • Outside in a congregate setting* with an active Covid-19 outbreak.

For those not fully vaccinated, it's recommended you also wear a mask in these situations:

  • Indoors
  • Outside in crowded settings, like a live music or sporting event.
  • When participating in outdoor contact sports.
  • If you're at an outdoor congregate setting*.

These recommendations are in line with current Michigan Department Of Health & Human Services guidelines.

This list does NOT take into account private businesses which may have their own Covid-19 mitigation policies in place. Those policies may still include masking requirements, distancing procedures, and limited capacities.

*Congregate setting examples include jails, migrant housing, shelters, etc...

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