There is a rise in catalytic converter thefts. Here are some tips to keep yours from getting stolen and what to look for in catching catalytic converter bandits.

The first question you must be asking yourself is, why would someone steal your catalytic converter? From what I've gathered there are two reasons, one is to sell your catalytic converter to a junkyard because on average you can get around $150 to $200 for one. Thieves are really attracted to hybrid vehicles since the converters are worth more. Sometimes around $700.

The other reason thieves want them is because there are precious metals inside them like platinum, palladium, or rhodium. So if the thief can't sell the convertor, they can harvest the metals to sell for cash.

According to FOX 17, Battle Creek police have been doing extra patrols in targeted areas, including near car dealerships, car repair shops, and areas where vehicles are generally stored.

It is pretty easy for thieves to steal catalytic converters since they use battery-powered reciprocating saws and grinders to get them off vehicles. SUVs and trucks are a favorite because they are easier to get underneath.

If you hear a loud grinding noise late at night or notice sparks coming from under a vehicle that is parked, odds are someone is stealing the converter and you should contact 911 to let authorities know.

It is not common to see someone walking around with a catalytic converter, if you spot someone carrying one around for no reason, you should call the authorities.

Here are a few tips that may help you avoid getting your catalytic converter from being stolen:

  • Park your vehicle inside your garage when at home or park in well-lit areas.
  • Avoid parking in deserted areas at night.
  • Have your trusted mechanic weld it to your vehicle's frame. This makes the converter much harder to steal.
  • Calibrate your car's alarm to be more sensitive to vibrations and more likely to go off.
  • Engrave your vehicle vin# or license plate number on your catalytic converter so scrap yard employees can spot the numbers.

With unemployment rates up, more people staying at home since the pandemic began, plus drug addiction and even alcoholism, many have been stealing catalytic converters to get by or high with.

Make sure and share this information with friends, neighbors, and family. The more people who keep their eyes open for this sort of crime, the better we can take a bite out of crime.

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