On the show this morning, we were joined again by one of our favorite comedians, Kathleen Madigan.  Kathleen has a bunch of shows coming up in places where the show is heard and you can check out her schedule .

We talked to Kathleen about a bunch of things including her live-tweeting the American Music Awards last weekend and the backlash she gets whenever she mocks boy bands or younger musicians.  We also asked Kathleen about whether she's ever Googled herself or not and, as it turns out, she shares the name of a person that gives financial advice online.  Kathleen also told us about how she gets material for her act while at family gatherings, especially her brother-in-law who explained to her what his "drunk truck" is.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it below.

And be sure to check out Kathleen's website and follow her on twitter @KathleenMadigan.

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