This might be one the most disturbing videos you'll see all year...

An avid boater from West Michigan named Cam Lindblade who is part of the Kalamazoo Paddle Club was recently out on the waters of the Kalamazoo River. This took place just south of the village of Homer in Calhoun County on Saturday, March 26.

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As he was paddling along, he came upon something eerie in the water. In the video below, it almost looks like a real person just standing in there. Once he gets closer, it's easy to see that it is just a mannequin, but it is no less creepy.

So the obvious question is "how and why did this thing thing end up there?" The first thought would be that it was prank, perhaps designed to scare someone in a kayak or boat and make them think there was a person in the water. The other, not-so-happy thought is that perhaps it was discarded in the water. Unfortunately, anyone who goes out into waterways sees the sad side of humanity where people leave their trash where it absolutely doesn't belong. But either way, this would be a creepy thing to come upon. Could you imagine seeing this thing at night? Ooof.

Cam Lindblade was kind enough to share this video with us. He shot the video while he was in the early stages of a 180 mile-long paddle from Goose Lake Road all the way to Lake Michigan.

I’ve done this every year for the last six years on my spring break. (It's for) personal challenge reasons, but also to inspire others to do similar activities. - Cam Lindblade of the Kalamazoo Paddle Club

He says what he loves most about it is the random people he meets along the way. Lindblade says there are some “river angels” who help him out by giving him freshwater, food, or even a place to camp during his journeys.

He also gets quite a reaction from people because the vessel he uses is a handmade cedar strip solo canoe (basically a wooden canoe) that he built with his own hands. He built it back in 2004 and has logged at least 15,000 miles on it. Lindblade says he does about 1000 miles of paddling every year.

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