Recently, Kalamazoo attempted to usurp Grand Rapids' crown as Beer City USA, but have been rightly put in their place. But now, Kalamazoo has achieved a high level status that I think we can all agree...they are welcome to! As long as we can be rated low on that list, we're very happy.

Kalamazoo comes in second in Michigan for rates of gonorrhea and chlamydia. Right behind Detroit.


You can't blame the colleges there, which you'd immediately think, as it's apparently all over Kalamazoo county. So much so, that the Kalamazoo County Health Department is in OUTBREAK MODE!

“When you compare Kalamazoo to Kent County and the state, we are significantly higher. Wherever you are in the county, you need to be careful and you need to be using protection.”

-Lynne Norman, Kalamazoo County Health Department, via

One contributing factor to the spread of STDs in the county? Dating apps!

If you're on Tinder in Kalamazoo, you might want to think twice before swiping right on anyone. Especially with the most recent news out of Hawaii about an incurable strain of gonorrhea!

If that thing hits the continental US, things are going to get really scary. Get more information at!

Moral of the story: Bag that thing. Maybe throw a couple on there for good measure! Be super careful about who you're having sex with.

And most importantly, don't bring that up here to GR!

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