Apparently Kalamazoo is really fond of setting things on fire. Let's be real. Setting things on fire is super fun, but not when someone's livelihood or well being is going to be damaged in the process. Data was recently released that shows that Kalamazoo has the 29th highest frequency of arson fire in the US. To determine just how we landed within the Top 30, took the total amount of arson reports, while taking in consideration of the cities population, then set an average of arson offenses for every 100,000 residents.

Although Kalamazoo would have ranked higher considering the 46 arson reports made in 2017, it's actually Detroit who had the most arson reports of the year, with 869. Even though they had the most arson crimes, because of the population size, they were ranked 3rd as the Arson capital of the U.S. That achievement goes to Chico, CA. But as the graph shows, Michigan in general has many arson capitals that made the list:

3. Detroit- 869 Arson Offenses
29. Kalamazoo- 46 Arson Offenses
39. Muskegon- 20 Arson Offenses
46. Jackson- 16 Arson Offenses

It will be interesting to see just how these numbers carry forward once new data is collected. Michigan isn't a stranger to fire, as we've looked back at some of our worst forest fires, along with the recent burning of the Red Roof Inn, and Chelsea having to deal with a fire in her apartment building right after moving in. Fire is a dangerous thing and can spread very quickly. Let's try and bring these numbers down. It's not the most prestigious award.

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