Just because we have reopened doesn't mean we should relax and let our guard down against COVID-19...the virus hasn't relaxed.

Do I like having to wear a mask? Not really. Do I wear a mask? You better believe I do. I even where gloves when going to public places and getting myself in and out of the building I work in.

Some may think I am being paranoid but I am listening to the scientists and no one else. They specialize in disease's and how they spread and have given us all guidelines we should ALL follow.

This isn't about being cool, it's about saving lives and slowing the spread of the virus. Some people are stubborn and feel someone is trying to infringe upon on their rights when they are just trying to save their life.

When things began to reopen, all the scientists and health officials all said to still wear a mask, keep your hands clean, practice social distancing and don't go places you really don't need to.

It seems a lot of people just don't care about infecting others or getting COVID-19 themselves because they have not been affected by it or know anyone who has.

Nobody who has caught the virus and lived is begging to catch it again.

I work right downtown in the middle of Grand Rapids and now I barely see a person wearing a mask. I'm seeing groups of people all together acting like everything is fine when its not.

Just yesterday Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer saw the spike in cases rising and has slowed the phasing of our reopening. Other states like Florida, Texas, California and Arizona have had massive increases in cases because their citizens carried on like nothing was wrong.

I sure as hell do not want businesses to have to close again, people get laid off or just flat out lose their jobs. Even worse, I don't want to see those small businesses who are already having a tough time wind up having to close their doors all together.

We can support businesses and do most all of the things we like to do but we can't let our guard down while we do it. I watch how people are carrying themselves and I have great concerns moving forward if people don't take this serious.

Let's all wear masks, keep our hands clean, social distance, don't go places you really do need to go and take these scientists serious or peoples lives and our economy will continue to be a risk.

I hoped people would have learned their lesson from the first shutdown, hopefully there is not a second, because if that happens, we are all in for a world of hurt.

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