If you saw the new Jurassic World movie (I mean who didn't see it, right?), then you probably noticed Bryce Dallas Howard running around the entire movie in high heels. Seemed a little crazy she wouldn't take the damn things off, so she just kept going, and going, and going...and they never broke!

Best-made heels ever, right?

Well now there's a parody video out that promises to add in all the high heel action you could ever want, and more, into the entire Jurassic Park series! You get to see all the women in heels, the guys, the kids...hell, even the dinosaurs aren't safe from the pumps!

Have a good laugh, and get ready for the next Jurassic World movie, that's coming in 2018, with Bryce and Chris Pratt are coming back for more dino-insanity! And hopefully, less high heel running.

I'm sure Bryce will want that written into her contract.

Thanks to XVP Comedy for the great video!

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