I had almost forgotten that Grandwich was going on, since usually most of the sandwich entries are some crazy foo-foo thing with tons of strange veggies I would never want to eat. But this year, there are some great looking entries, so I want to try them! First off, I had to try the Bagger's Chicken and Waffle Sandwich at Bagger Dave's.

I mean, who WOULDN'T want to try a fried chicken and waffle sandwich? What's not to love about even the name?

It really is as good as it sounds. Soft, fluffy waffle, really good fried chicken, pickles, cheese, bacon, and a fried egg to top it off! This is what heaven is made out of. Seriously, for me, heaven is friend eggs and bacon on stuff...and the angels and things, too...but mainly the eggs and bacon.

I'm going to have to hurry to try more sandwiches before Grandwich ends this Friday. :(

Whoever you vote for, I hope that sandwich has bacon on it.

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