The 3rd Annual King of the Wing is coming up on March 25th, and I got to head to Ada with Ned to sample some amazing wings at Riverhouse Ada! They're one of the contestants for the wing event, and have four delicious wing flavors they're entering in the competition.

We met Christina and Ryan, the owner and chef of Riverhouse, which is a really nice restaurant on Ada, next to Gravel Bottom Brewery. It's got a lot of room, a full bar, great food, a downstairs, and a nice deck area. They host a lot of weddings outside when it's bait warmer than it is now.

Ryan, who came out wearing a great Metallica shirt, began serving up some amazing wings, in the four flavors he's bringing out to King of the Wing.

First up, the Naked Wings, which are, well, naked. They're tasty wings, and the meat comes right off the bone cleanly, and tastes just like homemade friend chicken. This is what they base all their wings on.

Then, the Honey Sriracha wings, which have a great balance of the honey and the sriracha sauce, and are mild enough for any wing lover to enjoy.

Next, the Riverhouse take on the Buffalo Wing, which isn't as buffalo-y crazy. It's got the flavor you look for, but not as obnoxiously as other wings. Nice flavor.

The hottest wings they brought out, the Dragon Habañero wings, have an amazing flavor when you bite into them. The sauce adds almost a great bbq rib flavor to the wing, the wings taste great...and then about 5-8 seconds later, the heat starts to punch you in the face! Some of the hottest wings I've had since I've been here in Grand Rapids, and with amazing flavor!

The heat will subside after a few minutes...but then it comes back. It's like their lulling you into a false sense of security, and then kicking your ass.