Poor John Frusciante, he is no longer with The Red Hot Chili Peppers but things have definitely not calmed down. A psychotic and "often drunk" woman is giving him the willies. The woman has been been sending Frusciante insane emails that he describes as "long, rambling and overtly emotional."

The former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist has filed for a restraining order and "fears for the life of his wife and himself." And he's right to take action. When you are a musician who travels the world, you meet a ton of people. It's hard to have total control over the madness that consumes these folks on tour and it seems like you would always have the fear in the back of your mind of someone getting all stabby on you.

The woman's name is August Elizabeth Thomas and the fact that she is named after a month in a calendar year may very well be what pushed the woman over the edge. Thomas allegedly first approached Frusciante in 2010 with a screenplay that was probably groundbreaking (sarcasm.) Ever since they met, the woman has relentlessly pursued the former Chili Pepper. Letters and emails are one thing, but the woman actually started showing up at Frusciante's residence. That's when things tend to get weird.

The impromptu home visits pushed Frusciant to file for a restraining order in Los Angeles. So, there are two lessons we can take away from this. First, if you meet a rock star, tell them what you want to tell them ONE TIME. They aren't going to care more about your"project" because you harass them. Also, DON'T NAME YOUR KID AFTER A MONTH OR DAY, it will definitely result in the manifestation of serious issues!

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