It wasn't too long ago we talked about the new addition at the John Ball Zoo, the 2-year-old female red panda, named Wasabi.

According to their Facebook post, the hopes for Wasabi is that she and Wyatt, the resident red panda, will fall in love and make babies as to help keep the red panda population growing.  The zoo acquired Wasabi, through a Species Survival Plan which is a program that as John Ball Zoo describes it, is like a "Tinder for Animals."   Technically it's a group of really smart animal people, and they determine which animals in the programs (which there are nearly 500 different SSPs in progress) would be good matches for each other, and who's most likely to reproduce.

Ok, so enough of the serious part.  So JBZ is hoping Wasabi and Wyatt will fall in love, and as they wait to see if it's a "thing" yet, they're having some fun.

Since the program is thought of as a "Tinder for animals", zoo staff decided to make fake Tinder-like profiles for the two red pandas, and they are great.

Here's Wasabi's profile:

and here's Wyatt's:


They both have some great talents like Wasabi can touch her nose with her tongue and Wyatt, being a full-time model at the zoo, has two modified wrist bones.

I mean, these two are meant for each other!  Let's just hope they each swipe right and make us some babies.  Wow, I kind of sound like my southern mother, right now.

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