Today on Segment 16, the guys watch an old video they'd made to promote a Joe Stunt...and then when Joe seriously got hurt trying it, they never did show the stunt. We also find out that it's still super embarrassing for everyone when their wives laugh at their embarrassments.

Once upon a time, Joe was tasked with pole-vaulting over a seven-foot bar, because the guys had heard about a 90-year-old (or maybe a 70-year-old) doing it.

So Joe gat a trainer and began to learn how to pole-vault. It was big surprise when the guy told him that to actually do it, you have to really run as fast as you can, and actually try. This was a huge blow to Joe, and he wasn't sure he could actually expend the effort, but decided to try.

The promo video is all that remains of this, as Joe was rushed to the hospital after dying.

Okay, maybe not dying, but he makes it sound like it.

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