Let's start off with the obvious disclaimer: This is wrong and the guy could have killed someone since it wasn’t planned and cars could have been on the other side, but with that said, I kind of feel like this guy did something that’s on a lot of guys’ bucket lists.

According to WXYZ, last night a 26-year-old man jumped a Detroit drawbridge as it was going up. The incident happened on Fort St. around 7 pm, as the bridge was rising, the guy floored it in his Dodge sedan and made it across the opening. Unfortunately for him, I’m hoping that this would turn out like every action movie, when he landed he blew out his tires and was a sitting duck dude when the police showed up and arrested him.

Police also told WXYZ that as he got speed, he had to bust through the safety gates at the entrance of the bridge as well.

Again, I know it’s wrong and super dangerous, but to jump a rising drawbridge as they do in the movies, would be pretty cool.  Also, I’m impressed that he made it over and only damaged his tires. Obviously the bridge wasn’t that high when he made the jump.  My question is, was he in a hurry (and where was he going if so)? Or was he like most of us and just hates waiting for the bridge to go up and back down?

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