Today on Segment 16, Joe tells the story of how he was rescued this weekend, after making a dumb mistake, and getting high-centered on a snow pile at Taco Bell.

Joe went to Taco Bell yesterday, and saw the guy plowing the parking lot, and instead of parking in the nicely plowed area of the lot, he promptly turned right into a giant pile of snow and got high-centered and trapped.

This is the day we all learned that Joe's idea of pushing his car includes leaving the car in Drive, and pushing...he didn't learn anything from Sopranos.

After futilely pushing on his car for a bit, he asked for a shovel from the store, and after digging for almost three minutes, he gave up. This is when the snowplow guy came over and offered to get Joe out of the predicament.

So, Joe sat in his car, eating tacos, while someone else dug his car out for the next 20 minutes. Joe then gave the guy $10, and drove on with his evening.

Watch the story above to fill in all the hysterical details!