Jimmy Johnson and Bill Cowher have had amazing careers, not only as current broadcasters but as former coaches in the NFL. And over the weekend, David Baker, president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, stepped on to the set of CBS to deliver a very special message for both Bill and Jimmy.

Baker also paid a visit to Sunday's NFC divisional match-up between the Packers and the Seahawks to speak to for former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy knew of the events that unfolded with Bill the day before and being that Jimmy is a two time Super Bowl champion coach, he was smart enough to put the pieces together as soon as he saw Baker walk on the set.

Jimmy became quite emotional when the news broke that he would now be the 328th Hall of Famer. He wasn't the only one to get emotional, as Troy Aikman shed a few tears at Lambeau Field. Check out the video below:

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