I'm a little late on this one but I think this story is nuts! Jim Dreyer, who calls himself, "The Shark" is a long distance swimmer. This guy is no joke! He not only has swam across all of the great lakes but he just now finished a 48 hour swim across Lake St. Claire in Detroit, finishing in Belle Isle.

The 22 mile swim was a feat in itself, but when I tell you this next thing you're going to freak... He also dragged 2 dinghies that were containing over 300 bricks, (2000 pounds!) He did all this to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Can you imagine that? I feel like I'm going to drown after a 1 mile swim, which I have finished and almost drowned doing!

The original plan was to finish Tuesday evening but I don't think "The Shark" took in account that 2000 pounds is a LOT of weight. He ended up finishing today (Wednesday) at around 11:20AM.

Here's a video our friends at Fox 17 captured of Jim finishing the swim!