A recently retired Grand Rapids Police officer who's been battling cancer has received a special message from University of Michigan's Jim Harbaugh. 

Torey Whitten, married father of three and huge U of M basketball fan, posted the video to his Facebook page, saying, "No words needed!"

Coach Harbaugh shared these words:

Hello Officer Whitten, this is Jim Harbaugh. Congratulations on two great things! Number 1: Being cancer free. And number 2: Congratulations on your retirement from the Grand Rapids Police Department-- twenty two years of outstanding service. Thank you very much. And a piece of advice, if I may, attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Mazel Tov!"

In the spring of 2015, Whitten was diagnosed with cancer in his appendix, which spread to his abdomen and lungs.

According to MLive, Whitten underwent a radical surgery last year in Washington D.C. called the "Sugarbaker Procedure" and continued with chemotherapy treatments.

On April 14, Whitten posted an update to the Torey Whitten #teamtw333 Facebook page:


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