It has been an emotional time for Michigan sports, with plenty of highs (Lions, Wolverines, we love you) and one very low-low (Pistons. You are an embarrassment).

Utah Jazz v Detroit Pistons
Cade Cunningham looks utterly defeated. / Getty Images

Though I doubt anyone has been having a better time than former Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, who announced yesterday he would be leaving his alma mater to become the new head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.


The Chargers took to social media to announce their acquisition of the top coach in all of football, and are rightfully very excited. Here is the tweet the team put out on X, which is a great edit on the surface, but there is one thing in particular that stands out.

Whoever runs the Charger's social media account has a fantastic sense of humor, because if you hadn't noticed, there has been a change to the account's profile picture. Instead of something normal like the Charger's logo, it is now a hilariously low-quality photo of the coach looking straight into the camera with the goofiest look on his face.

This type of tweet is not anything out of the norm for the Charger's X account, as the account is constantly up to some kind of tomfoolery, tweeting memes and jokes most of the day. If you want to investigate the account's other funny tweets, you can do so here.

Take a Peak at U of M Coach Jim Harbaugh's Multi-Million Dollar Estate

University of Michigan's Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh million dollar estate in California is quite the place. The estate has an 8,500-square-foot home and a guest house with five bedrooms. There are a total of eight bathrooms between them. The estate covers 1.3 acres in Atherton which is considered one of the most affluent locations in the area near Stanford University. The home just sold for $11.78M. Take a look inside.

Gallery Credit: Zillow

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