People are using Artificial Intelligence for all sorts of things... writing wedding vows, cheating on homework, and now... pizza!

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Detroit-based pizza chain, Jet's Pizza, has enlisted an AI-powered chatbot to create a "tantalizing new creation".

Jet's says,

Jet’s Pizza is always looking for ways to be innovative, continuously seeking new ways to surprise and excite their customers’ taste buds. Jet’s is no stranger to AI technology. Jet’s has been utilizing AI since 2020 through their ordering... Jet’s Pizza decided to take it one step further to develop the Ranch Veggie Pizza. The idea of the Ranch Veggie Pizza was developed by AI, but was instructed to use ingredients already in the stores.

So what would AI eat?

It's a Ranch Veggie Pizza, topped with Jet’s ranch as the sauce, mozzarella, feta, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, and tomatoes.

What do you think - yum or yuck?

I'd be in without the ranch and olives...

Jet's, Facebook
Jet's, Facebook

Well, if it sounds delicious to you - Jet's is adding the Ranch Veggie Pizza to their menu for a month. Get it through July 10, 2023.

Though Jet's began in Sterling Heights Michigan in 1978 and there are PLENTY of locations throughout the state - Jet's has since expanded to 22 states with more than 400 locations.

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