Let me make this clear: yes, I will be poking fun at this a bit but, I am genuinely looking for an explanation. A video out of Ossineke, Michigan has gone viral with over one million views after it shows what appears to be a portrait of Jesus inside a dinosaur statue.

The video, which you'll see below, was taken at Dinosaur Gardens, an attraction that's been under new ownership in the Ossineke area since 2013.

The park features putt-putt golf, a gift shop, a fossil dig, and 27 life-sized dinosaurs:

Including one that you can apparently climb into using a set of stairs. This is where my confusion comes in. The dinosaur that you can climb into has a surprise waiting for you once you make it up the stairs:

The O.P., @swimminglyfish, added the perfect caption, "Not what I expected to see inside this dinosaur." I mean, same. I'm making a broad assumption that the owners of the park must be, at least in some aspect, religious. But, why inside a dinosaur? Were those other figurines in the tail supposed to be the Three Wise Men? And, are there other portraits of American Jesus hidden around the park?

Upon further investigation, (a.k.a. I pulled up Google Maps to see this place for myself), there's also a giant statue of Jesus holding the world in the palm of his hand at the entrance of the park. Or at least that was the case in 2019:

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

Yet, I'm still a bit baffled.

Aside from the sheer number of views, the viral Tiktok also racked up a number of very witty comments. Please note: this is in no way meant to disparage your religion. But, some of these did make me giggle:

who knew dinosaurs were just Jesus and 3 dudes in a dino suit - Chubbybunn63


Getting rick rolled but its Jesus - Amari Brown417

Overall, the park does look like fun for the family. It's even dog-friendly. At least, in the outdoor garden area. You can find more information about Dinosaur Gardens, their hours, and ticket prices on their website or Facebook page.

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