Maitlynn and I were talking about the Star Wars Holiday special this morning. It's considered one of the biggest Star Wars disappointments ever! See how far you can go before you turn it off.

WOW- We made it through like 5 minutes before I had enough. I have seen porn with better production values than this thing. Better makeup and better wardrobe. The quick to anger Star Wars fans hated it so much Kenner had to cancel a toy line based on it.

This one doesn't have anything to do with Christmas but it does explain why you will never see Star Wars on network TV again. They tried a second time to capture the TV audience in 1985 with "The Battle of Endor" Starring Wilford Brimley... I am not making this up.

Better than the Star Wars specials are Star Wars Christmas decorations. My friend Jon Wilson does it up every year and this year... He blew me away like Alderaan with his fine display.

Star Wars Christmas

He posted these pics on my Facebook about 2 weeks ago and I just saw them!

A few years ago, I went all Star Ward decorations. My inflatable Yoda was eaten by deer. Darth Vader was struck down by a frozen motor. Chewbacca also lost his battle against mother nature as Hoth like conditions on Earth got too rough for ol' Chewie.

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