Saturday, Jackyl rolled into town for their show at The Intersection, and we had some fun things planned with Jesse James Dupree before the show!

First, we picked him up and went out to see the nice people out at Vormittag Christmas Tree farm, so Jesse could use his famous chainsaw to cut down a couple Christmas trees for some GRD winners!  Thanks to Grand Rapids E-Liquid for helping us get some people set up for Christmas!

Then, it was straight over to Bellavino's on Plainfield, so Jesse could sign autographs and take pictures with people and his bourbon!  In case you don't know, he bottles Jesse James Bourbon, and Full Throttle S'loonshine!  Tons of people were waiting for us when we arrived, all ready to meet Jesse, and get some great bourbon and moonshine!

After THAT, it was over to the Intersection, where Jackyl rocked a packed house for a couple hours, and awarded one of the freshly cut Christmas trees to a GRD listener!

As well as a few solid hours of drinking and partying with all the fans!

Cutting down Christmas trees for GRD winners:

The Show: