This weekend, I am collaborating with my sister, DM Photography, as well as amazing makeup artist Erick Rodriquez for what I hope to be one of my best cosplay/photo shoots to date!

In getting ready for the shoot, I looked through my photos from the past three years. For one thing, my hair has basically been every color under the sun as well as every length.

Here are five of my favorite shots.

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    Shoot With Jay London

    This was back when I thought it would be cool to be a ginger for a hot second. I had a lot of fun working with Jay London out of Detroit, and we got this photo from it!

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    Zach Sutton Promotional Shoot

    Zach Sutton is amazing!  He is a young guy, my age. Not only does he take some killer photos, but he is also fun to have a beer with! This one was taken when I was a blondie!

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    JRawk Photo Shoot in Battle Creek

    I made my way out to Battle Creek for this one. This was during my "in between brunette and redhead" phase I briefly went through. Jeff does a stellar job!

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    Bill Strome, Crazy Makeup Shoot

    This was fun!  I shot with Bill Strome, of StromePhoto, and my makeup was done by Erick Rodriquez.  There was no theme really. We just wanted something weird and different.  We succeeded!

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    Jean Smith Shoot For Gladys Magazine

    THIS wins my favorite shoot ever!  I had won a contest with the national fashion magazine, Gladys.  I got to travel to Detroit area and shoot with Jean Smith.  Jean is super fun and we had a blast hanging out and shooting these photos.

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