A little over a month ago I traveled to Disney World to run the inaugural Dopey Challenge. The dopey challenge was a crazy run where Thursday you race a 5k, Friday you race a 10k, Saturday a half-marathon and Sunday you finish it off by running a full marathon! It was a crazy fun weekend (that I don't think I will attempt again any time soon!) That said there seems to have been a small mixup on the races side of things.

The last few days I kept getting notes on my door from fedex for a package and I couldn't think what on earth was being shipped to me considering I haven't bought anything in ages. Finally I make it home in time to catch the fedex guy one day and the package was from "Run Disney." Kind of weird but whatever, I tear it open and on top is a letter congratulating me on my fantastic finish in the half marathon. It also included a plaque because apparently I was top 5 in the women's military division...

Yeah, I am not in the military, nor have I ever been. Not sure where the mixup came from but I thought it was pretty funny considering the half marathon is the part of the 4 day race series that I REALLY died, like insane died. Felt like complete and utter sh*t!

Here's my plaque, not sure if I just keep it or send it back. Thoughts?